tim spoon /
vocals, mouth harp & banjo

Tim is lucky enough to have lived, and travelled, all over the globe, seeing innumerable sights terrifying and beautiful, from the Himalayas to the Sea of Cortez. He has few heroes, but one anti-hero, Aleister Crowley, influenced him inasmuch as he consciously put himself in extreme environments, deserts and wastelands. Thus Tim took off tramping and train jumping round Europe as soon as he was able,

travelling as far as his giro would take him and staying for as long as he could, picking fruit or begging. Being a crap beggar-man-thief, he learnt to busk on a ukulele, soon progressing onto the banjo and becoming a dab-hand in no time at all, ensuring he would never die of hunger (though strangely enough he was always hungry).

However, being a musician he has known long periods of poverty. His over-partiality to sex, drugs, rock Ďní roll and sugary food has meant money has never been in his pockets for too long, but he now has everything he ever wanted, apart from a decent motorbike (though he has had a few over the years). Both having cheated death and having saved otherís lives on more than half a dozen occasions, he would say that he is more semi-retired from his Wildman days rather than being world-weary. There have been many bands (and many more girlfriends) over the years, the more memorable being The Iranian Teaspoons, The Berts and The Jazzmanian Fruitbats, but Wholesome Fish stole his heart the first time he saw them all those years ago, and his love remains undiminished to this day.

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