joel thomas / vocals, harmonica, whistles

Having been born on the south coast, Joel, surprisingly, talks in a vaguely scouse accent that often gets mistaken for brummy, manc or even a foreign language. He rarely washes, but confusingly, doesn't smell that bad. His mottoes are 'you only live once', 'you can't take it with you when you go' and 'all things come to those who want' and 'if you ask, you might might not, but it was worth the try anyway'

In a glittering career, Joel has taught a master-class at the Royal Academy of Music, been the first person to play his instrument on the renowned RAM Duke's Stage, played with an internationally recognised brass ensemble and orchestra and taught the cast of a successful West End musical (comprised of the cream of North America's Drum and Bugle Corps.) how to play. Frustratingly for Joel, all this was on the Didgeridoo, not on Joel's preferred instrument..the mouth organ.

From the age of 11, in school bands such as Fist, Legend, Willy Wet and the Drips and Bog Gigglesmokes' Jazzy Oatmeal band (or BIGJOB for short), Joel mainly played guitar, although he never seemed to get much better at it. He locked himself in his bedroom around 1989 and didn't come out until he could play the harmonica. Then he moved to Nottingham and formed skiffle blues bands The Rag and Bone Men and The Howling Wolves. He joined Wholesome Fish around 1990/91 and hasn't been right since.

After he the left the band for the first time, Joel went on to form prog folk band, Manouka with one of the original members of the Fish, Richard Ward. After he left the Fish for the second time, he concentrated on solo folk harmonica, much of which can be seen at 'theloveboxquartet' and 'theloveboxquartet2' channels on YouTube. Unable to exist in the real world, Joel rejoined the Fish in February 2009.

Jack of all trades, master of none, Joel likes to play a long, too tedious to write, list of musical instruments with varying degrees of success. Musically, Joel likes to play around with traditional folk tunes and the crazed voices inside his head until something quirky and fresh emerges. Timings may vary.

In his spare time Joel likes baking, winding up Americans on YouTube, talking to himself and wanking. Joel drinks 5% cheap lager, smokes roll-ups, doesn't have any pets but does still have all his own teeth. He's balding and wears glasses though, so I reckon that cancels the teeth thing out.

Joel's current ambitions are to continue to play interesting music, learn to play the penny-whistle properly, screw up his children and eventually live on a large boat on a hillside in Wales.

For your delectation and pleasure,
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