about the band

Stalwarts of the Nottingham music scene since the mid 80's the Wholesome Fish are first and foremost a DANCE band. From pumping four and three quarters on the floor thrash balkan punk to gentle take your partners please waltzes, they can take you to places you may never have thought one band ever could. They're not a country band or a cajun band, a punk band or a blues band, and definitely NOT a covers band. You don't need to be when you have three singer songwriters who compliment each others voices and musical quirks so well, together with three top musicians prepared to aid and abet them.

From a tear-jerking ballad to something indecipherable that doesn't even sound like language, the Fish sing it from the heart, play it from the hip and mean every word. Vocals, banjee, fiddle and harmonica are a potent brew when mixed with driving guitar, bass and drums. Makes you want to dance.

The Fish are a versatile outfit, having played venues large and small, plugged or unplugged, licenced or unlicenced at many festivals, Artís Centres, boozers, weddings, house parties and streets all over England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Holland and the Czech Republic including performances at Glastonbury Festival, Orkney Folk Festival, Heineken Big Top, The Mean Fiddler, The Milky Way, Amsterdam and Jo's living room in Sherwood, Nottingham. They put their unique blend of energy and musicianship into every single performance...and the audiences go wild.

The start of 2014 sees the release of a five song EP entitled 'Goodbye Miss Liza' which can be heard here on SoundCloud.

Spreading dance-floor mayhem wherever they go, Wholesome Fish are a life-enhancing experience for anyone who hears them!

"The Velvet Underground gone Cajun"

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